LightFluff MySeven side sleeper pillow

The perfect pillow for the side sleepers.

The perfect pillow for the side sleepers.

Many people prefer sleep on the side. This sleeping position is also the healthiest, according to experts. Therefore, it should be supported by a suitably comfortable side sleeper cushion. A perfect pillow of this type is the MySeven from LightFluff, which combines the advantages of multiple cushions in one.

Pleasantly supportive pillow and perfect leg rest in one

The pleasantly padded sleeping pad MySeven relieves the shoulder area, the neck and the intervertebral discs due to its special structure since the head, spine, and pelvis lie in a straight line. At the same time, it serves as a perfect leg rest. This keeps the spine and body in balance as a whole as it cushions the knees.

LightFluff side sleeper pillow – a cushion with a special shape

Conventional sleeping cushions for the side position have a U or C shape. The MySeven side sleeper cushion, on the other hand, is structured in a completely different way. It is much longer than other health pillows and shaped like the number 7. This ergonomic shape promotes an anatomically correct position of the spine. The upper part of the 7 comfortably relieves the shoulder and neck part, while the lower part serves as a leg rest. This prevents slipping into the abdominal position, which is advised by doctors. This makes the pillow a treat for pregnant women as well and serves as a comfortable and practical breastfeeding pillow after birth.

Health-promoting properties

While the airways can be narrowed in the back and abdomen, the breathing improves by sleeping on the LightFluff MySeven side sleeper pillow. Similarly, the sleeping position in the side position opposite the abdominal and back position can reduce nocturnal snoring, as studies have shown.

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In addition, acid reflux from the esophagus is supported and heartburn is prevented if you prefer to sleep on the left side. You can determine the height of the cushion for side sleepers yourself and customize it to your needs by removing or adding the filling via two separate openings. As for use as a breastfeeding cushion, this plays an important role.

Also comfortable side position with a baby belly

Since it becomes more difficult to find an optimal lying position with a growing belly in pregnancy, lying is usually only pleasant in the side position. With the side sleeper pillow MySeven from LightFluff it gets cozy again for the expectant mom. While it serves as a perfect support for legs and baby belly, the upper zone also relieves the neck and shoulder area. Thus, the LightFluff side sleeper pillow is a boon for the expectant mother and the unborn child.

MySeven for healthier sleep

For side sleepers, a high-quality pillow that relieves the spine and supports the head well still belongs to a healthy bed. The meets these requirements in any case. It protects against tension and overstretching in the neck and shoulder area, ensuring a restful and healthy sleep. Due to the high-quality hygiene cover and the different fillings, it is possible for each side sleeper to find its optimal position.

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The materials are neither too firm nor too soft, but just right for a restful and regenerative night's sleep. This makes the MySeven ideal for pregnant women and as a style cushion.

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