Hello, Fediverse

My Introduction is due; Hello, fediverse. Ever since I first learnt English as a 7 year old, I was fascinated with how much knowledge there is only in English that trumps all others. I started watching Hollywood movies and the thing that appealed to me the most is writing letters. I have seen movies set in 1800s, where letters were the only way to communicate with people far away, I felt joy seeing how much emotion is put into a piece of paper and how long it takes for it to reach the other side.

Writing letters has become a sort of hobby for me for a while when I was about 10 years old. I wrote to my grandparents when I learnt that postal service is free at my father’s workplace. English isn’t our first language, but my grandparents were educated enough to understand what I wrote. I was never taught my native language at our school, I know this sounds weird. Soon, this habit fell apart and I do not remember how, maybe I picked up some other hobby, it always has been hard to stick to one thing at once for me.

As a teenager, as I fell in love with a girl, on her birthday I would write an elaborate birthday card on our shared memories the past year. But that was thrown away into the garbage. After coming to terms with how my efforts are being wasted, I could not write anymore, I had no reason to, whatsoever. Graduating Highschool and now studying in University are one of the most stressful events of my life, I have been down the depression-drain a lot more times that I can remember. I had lost track of what it is to be alive. I had lost interest in living; you could say.

But this interest of mine is still alive deep in my heart. Every year, on the birthday of my greatest friend ever, I write a letter to her celebrating our friendship. She writes back, and its the most wonderful feeling ever. It feels like almost all of my suffering has been washed away. I am glad I never let go of this beautiful interest of mine. I also wanted to make this into a regular habit, by writing a journal. But, I am out of motivation when I write something that only I will read. I want to write for somebody, anybody.

This blog is to serve this purpose; to write. I want to write as much as I can, about various things! and I hope there’s somebody out there who reads it and might find something of value (or not).

This place feels like the perfect place for me to put all my thoughts at. It is nice to meet you.