Domain blocks

Why can't we be friends?

I've been running the Pleroma instance for a few months now. While I believe that open federation is the best way to operate an instance (as I respect my users and trust their ability to think critically) many other admins do not.

Although I do agree with blocking other instances, I do understand it in some cases. However, it turns out that many, if not most blocks, are for made-up reasons. Here's a few of the blocks I've received - and the truth of what happened.

Jo Jerrica Decker, round one

The first instance block I received.

Domain Block from Jo Jerrica Decker against

and when asked who this evil "mazuba" person was

"Some weeb who has a history of antagonising people, primarily leftists."

I will mention that they posted this only around three hours after I set the instance up according to, so this person seems to really like me for some reason. Don't be so tsundere to the extent that you block the person, that defeats the whole purpose, baka!

Ben Lubar

Ben Lubar's block rec

This requires a bit of explaining, since Ben Lubar accidentally put cyanide into his word salad. I asked for clarification on one of his posts, and he went through my profile, and saw the only post that had federated to his instance: one wondering about why I was instance blocked by (who is not mentioned in this article due to their lack of justification). This was definitely not the only post I made, but the only one that his instance knew about.

Also, bonus appreciation for trying to get our registrar to take us down. Unfortunately, that's not how things work, and we do host Catalan content.

No Catalan content

The admin of the instance followed me, asked me for advice on their instance (securing it), and we had a good conversation. We continued to be friends for a few days, until suddenly my instance was blocked with no warning. When I inquired from an alt, this is the conversation that happened.


Of course, I do not run or, and have no control over their moderation decisions. Guilt by association is a logical fallacy, and usually used by those with fascistic intent - not a good moderation practice, in my opinion.

This admin might've unblocked me, according to they did. I'll update this section when I know for certain.

Jo Jerrica Decker, round two

Jo Jerrica Decker obviously wanted me to notice her more (I guess she doesn't know how mentions work) so decided to block recommend me instead.

Jo Jerrica round two

Let's go through the instances listed here, because this is a lie about all of them.

  • is a sadposting instance with no "paedophilia" (what a weird spelling) defenders, a responsive admin team, and relatively-unrestricted federation.
  • is a comfy, cute instance, also no "paedophilia defenders", and also a responsive admin and relatively-unrestricted federation.
  • is pretty much a smaller version of
  • is my instance (obviously) same as above.

I have no idea why was blocked but the others were blocked because they all hosted accounts of Apparently, I have competition for being Jo's senpai, because she is even more obsessed with Mikoto.

Now, is Mikoto a pedophilia defender? Obviously not, if you talked with him for five minutes you'd be able to see that. He did defend RMS at one point (during the RMS cancellation), but that is definitely not the same as defending pedophilia.

Of course, the other claim here, "openly and knowingly communicate with shitholes like kiwifarms" is another guilt by association. I wonder why all she views freedom as an enemy - I respect my users and their ability to choose who to associate with.

Jo Jerrica Decker runs a single-user instance, but unfortunately, she has a bit of clout around the rest of the Fediverse. Also unfortunately, has immature and irresponsible administration that takes unsubstantiated claims as fact. is a TERF instance and I will not defend them here, however, as for the other four, the same defense as above applies.

Interestingly, us four were originally listed on their /about/more page as "Free speech extremism, Kiwifarms association, pedophilia defenders", but after they were called on their crap it was changed to " association, federating with Kiwifarms". So, make untrue claims, and then when others challenge you, backpedal to guilt by association. Classy, you totally aren't acting like an edgy teen from Tumblr.

Note: many other instances chose to block,,, and for this same reason, and will not all get their own sections. These include, and "might fuck around and cut my users off from their friends"

This also requires some backstory, I previously chatted with the admin after they expressed concerns over my federation with Kiwifarms, and told them about a way to prevent that from being a danger to them (Mastodon's AUTHORIZED_FETCH mode). After that conversation, we appeared to be on decent terms (and many users on my instance were mutuals with users on so this came as somewhat of a surprise.

The admin, though, I can sympathize with a bit. They originally had an account on, but because more radical and left the instance. When they realized their canceldon friends didn't like the instance, and would use guilt by association against it, they blocked the instance (without reaching out to the admin who they were, up until that point, friends with). It's unfortunate that they decided to join cancel culture instead of realizing its toxicity, but that's ultimately up to them.

I'd recommend blocking since it host alts of fse users and racism

"racism" is untrue, racism is not allowed on and I moderate against it. The "alts of fse users" on my instance (such as haven't, to my knowledge, posted any racist content, either on my instance or on their fse account, for that matter.

As for federating with other instances, again, guilt by association is not a good moderation policy.

Have you considered fucking off and dying?

After an user made a somewhat humorous post about this situation in the thread, the following occurred.

i hear they steal pokemon cards

Have you considered fucking off and dying?

Not giving people the benefit of the doubt is an unkind thing to do, of course. Also, do these people not know that per-user blocks and reports exist? If there's Nazis using my instance, I want to know. Special thanks to for being one of the most toxic users I've ever seen on Fedi - no one on Kiwifarms has asked me to consider dying, and I've had heated debates with users on that instance before.


Most domain blocks are based off of the following things:

  • Guilt by association
  • Lies
  • Power-trips

It feels good to block others, to exert power over them, to "run your own Twitter". That's what these people wanted after all, a "Twitter without the Nazis". Of course, nearly everyone I know would like a world without Nazis, but the way to do that isn't to cover your eyes and scream loudly that everyone you don't like is a Nazi - that only makes the Nazis look more reasonable. Instead, challenge them head-on - and you are welcome to do that on, an instance that respects your abilities to think critically, choose who you want to associate with, and deal with those you dislike, without the risk of being cut off from your friends over an angsty admin.

If your instance has changed, and you retract your block recommendation, feel free to leave a comment or mention me, I will update your section here accordingly.