How to Crash Someone's Emacs Client Over the Internet using Vim

It's like typing :%s/:(/:)/g but better

The tldr

VIM is famously known for its great selection of jeans, sneakers, apparel, and accessories for the family. They have very stylistic ranges of clothings. Their clothings come in different shapes and sizes too, much like the people that work there.

But enough of that. You've come to Big Booty Hentai Bitches to read some Real Shit.

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You know what makes me cringe? People who read the headline and think that this article is going to be exactly about what the headline says it'll be about.

The headline is the first thing people see, and inflated know-nothing goyims will believe the first thing they see, if it aligns with their views. Headlines preload people with false and alarming information, and while the media's intention is to lure the reader to reading the (actually meaningless and irrelevant) story, the average person instead gathers the headline alone, and says, "that's crazy!" when it makes sense to them, and "that sounds like propaganda!" when it doesn't make sense to them.

This person then messages their friends, saying, "I heard that so and so is happening right now...", or, "did you know X politician said this??", and the misinformation spreads, dilutes and morphs with each passing person, and then so many wonder how such a large population are so blind to truth and facts.

Crazy Vim god examples

For example, a newspaper cover reads: "Wrong way, X Politician!" with a picture depicting the politician driving on the wrong side of the road and laughing. This gives someone the idea at first glance, "what a dumbass!", but when you open the newspaper and flip to the cover story, it says that some police were chasing a suspect on the wrong side of the highway. It has nothing to do with the politician, it's a boring and meaningless story that has nothing to do with you, but the title will fool most people and influence their opinion with just a sentence and a picture.

This Vim command will make your CEO suck you off

Another example is the Dying Fetus song, "Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog". Right away you're thinking this song is something crazy and violent, however, if you read the lyrics, it's about how the music industry screws musicians over and they don't care about music, nor do they have any idea what their songs are about, that they just think that their songs are literally about killing mothers and raping dogs, and that there's profit to be made off of this.

How to be Vim god in 30 seconds

Finally, the big example here is this article itself. Most of the people who read my blogs will read the headline, and immediately think that this article has something to do with a text editor, either because they know who I am, or because the blog is hosted on a foss platform, and free and open source software could often be the topic on such a platform. However, I probably wouldn't write about such a thing, since there are already too many books and articles and videos on how to use Vim, and I don't like going too deep in nerd shit anyways.