College is a Pyramid Scheme

And Professors are Mentally Retarded

Why would anyone want to go back to school?

Only a mentally ill person would want to go back to such a terrible shitty place, they would have to have been raped in the ass by a fat teacher to want to go back.

they teach you to be gay and black in college

After a 3 hour history lecture of the (white) professor rambling about how white people are evil and did very bad things and stuff, the whole class turns around stares at you like you are the root of all evil even though you were born in the 90's and had no idea about this stuff. And then all of a sudden the teacher goes on about how gay people lived during the wild west and shit and how Abraham Lincoln wasn't a good person because he was white.

you learn so much in college

For some weird ass reason, professors don't know how to teach. They enter the profession of teaching, believe everything they were taught in education theory, and apply this old ass system to the new world, the future generation of engineers and scientists and roasties.

They think that gathering 30+ stinky people in a stinky room with dead cockroaches and mold (literally), and reading off powerpoint presentations from the 90's is going to prepare you for life. They think the industry still uses Java 7, Visual Basic, and Windows Server 2012. They see nothing wrong with 1-way communication, and they SCREAM at you and call you dumb (metaphorically) for raising your hand when you have a question.

you become a well rounded individual

Once you go to college, most of the classes have nothing to do with the job, and will say that it's about being a "well-rounded individual" but in reality, they're cutting your rounded edges and turning you into a square.

You're not learning how to do the job, as in, how to program -- You're learning how to do the job, as in, not punching your boss in the face when he screams at you, not fucking over your company when they fuck you over, etc.

opportunities open up for you

The unfortunate part is that you need to go to college if you want a decent job, even though it doesn't prepare you for the job at all. Instead it opens you to sub-pyramid schemes like cutco, and pajeets emailing you the "secret shopper" job offer, and the college does nothing to stop this (probably because they're in on it as well).

the art of the deal

So what's the main pyramid scheme here? You spend ~4 years learning about nothing/being poorly taught what you could teach yourself or learn on the job, just to get a piece of paper that says you can work. You drop thousands of dollars on bullshit that is more about brainwashing you into a worker bee than honing your skills. Besides, most people take drugs or pay other people to do their work for them in order to pass.

You end up losing money rather than making money during your time there, just to get a job that doesn't reasonably need it. You get paid for going to college in white countries though.


I spent the last 4 years learning jack shit in community college. The degree probably won't land me a job since I probably won't pass the interview, since it didn't prepare me for that. I should have ditched my parents, moved in with a hipster nigger roommate who keeps to himself, gotten a minimum wage job to pay rent and food, and I should have taken up free online coding bootcamp on my free time, to get the certificate, and some education that would have meant something. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but there would have been more meaning and dignity in doing it this way. (edit: I read this paragraph out to my mom. She said that if I hadn't gone to college, I wouldn't have thought this way in the first place. She says I would have just stuck with the minimum wage job and I would have lost my ambition to advance. Who knows?)

The only right decision I've made is talking to seriously talented people on XMPP, who taught me 200,000x more than what college has taught me. My closest friends have also prepared me, both mentally, and with college paperwork, registration, etc. If it wouldn't be for my friends, I would have been far behind my peers in college, rather than far ahead.